Robert J. Near

I have been a resident of the Hudson River Valley in Columbia and Greene counties of New York State since birth. Living in this area I am surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty, the Hudson River Valley, Catskill, Berkshire, and Adirondack Mountains. Living in this area you might think it would be easy to capture award winning signature images, however this area has been photographed by great photographers prior. The challenge of capturing my signature image is to look for that angle or condition that has yet to be captured. When I go out shooting I am looking to capture that quick moment in time and share this slice of time with the world through my photographs.

I am a self taught photographer with my first interest in photography starting back in the early seventies during high school, shooting 35mm B&W and processing in a traditional darkroom. Photography has evolved with technology with film being replaced with digital sensors and I have embraced this technology to push the limits of creativity.

I am an active member of the North American Nature Photographers Association, Schenectady Photographic Society, and Columbia County Council on the Arts. My photographs published in the magazines, and used on book covers.

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